Unity Asset "Illuminate 2D: 25Lights Puzzle Mastery" Guide


This asset is for a simple NxN grid puzzle game. The demo features a 5x5 grid. Clicking on a square toggles the state of that square and its adjacent squares (up, down, left, right). The goal is to turn off all the squares. The puzzles are randomly generated each time. Feel free to incorporate this as a mini-game in your projects.

Directory Structure

Running the Demo in Unity Editor

Open the 'Demo' scene file in Feelcerca/25LightsPuzzle/Scenes/ and run it to check the game's functionality. Note that there are different scene files for different purposes.

Usage (Prefabs & Scripts)

This asset includes various prefabs located in the Feelcerca/25LightsPuzzle/Builtin/Prefabs/ folder. To integrate them into your game, refer to the Game scene for placement and adjust the necessary settings in the Inspector.

The Controller prefab is particularly important. By modifying this prefab's component values in the Inspector, you can easily alter the number of tiles and other display settings.

Explanation of Key Classes

For specific mini-game integration examples, please refer to the Feelcerca.LightsPuzzle.Game.Manager class and utilize the above-mentioned classes accordingly.

Methods Executed at Startup

The method Feelcerca.LightsPuzzle.System.Boot.RuntimeInit() is invoked during startup, thanks to the attribute [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod(RuntimeInitializeLoadType.BeforeSceneLoad)].

Inside this method, essential initialization tasks are performed, and the Global scene is additionally loaded. The Global scene will then be persistently kept alive by the Feelcerca.LightsPuzzle.System.DontDestroy class.

If this startup process doesn't fit your requirements, feel free to modify the script as necessary.

Online Demo

You can check the demo running on a web browser here.

Supported Platforms

This asset is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and WebGL.

Unity Version Requirement

Supports Unity2021.3.30f1 and above.


All contents included in this asset are copyrighted by our company, Feelcerca Co., Ltd. Purchasers are free to use these elements in their own works. However, it is not permitted to sell them as a separate material collection or as another asset.

*Unity is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies.