Feelcerca Game Lib - Explanation


This is a Unity-oriented game library developed by Feelcerca. This library provides tools for game developers to quickly and easily implement Audio playback, specialized 2D particles, and simple fades, among other features. This is a version excerpted from the library we use in-house and made available to the public.

Namespace: Feelcerca.System

This consists of classes related to system functionality.

  1. Singleton Class
  2. Math Class
  3. Logger Class

Namespace: Feelcerca.Audio

This namespace contains classes for audio playback using the Audio Mixer.

  1. Manager Class
  2. Mixer Class
  3. MusicPlayer Class
  4. SfxPlayer Class

How to Use Feelcerca.Audio

Audio playback is performed using Feelcerca.Audio.Manager and Feelcerca.Audio.Mixer. The setup steps are as follows:

  1. Attach Feelcerca.Audio.Manager and Feelcerca.Audio.Mixer to a GameObject.
  2. If necessary, use DontDestroyOnLoad() to make the GameObject persistent.

Parameter Settings

Configure various parameters from the Inspector.


Audio Playback and Volume Adjustment

After the above settings, audio is operated as follows:

Namespace: Feelcerca.FX

Class group for handling special particles, etc.

  1. ConvergingParticles2D Class: A class that creates 2D particle effects that converge on a specified point. Particles move along a Bezier curve that connects 3 or 4 points. This class can be added as a component to a GameObject, and various parameters can be set from the Inspector.

How to Use ConvergingParticles2D

Attach Feelcerca.FX.ConvergingParticles2D to a GameObject. Prefab as needed.

Parameter Settings

Set various parameters from the Inspector.

Displaying Particles

Retrieve the Feelcerca.FX.ConvergingParticles2D component from the instantiated GameObject and call the Init() method. If needed, set Actions using the AddOnParticleEmitAction() and AddOnParticleArrivedAction() methods to trigger events when particles are emitted or arrive.

Init Method
public void Init(Vector3 src, Vector3 dst, int maxParticles, bool useInstancing = false);

Namespace: Feelcerca.Util

Class group for handling Ortho camera scaling and simple faders (fade-in and fade-out).

OrthoCameraScaler Class

Attach Feelcerca.Util.OrthoCameraScaler to the Camera's GameObject.

Parameter Settings

SimpleFader Class

Attach Simple Fader to any GameObject.

Parameter Settings

Executing Fade-in and Fade-out

Use SimpleFader.Instance.FadeIn() and SimpleFader.Instance.FadeOut(). You can receive the completion timing through the onDone callback argument in the methods.

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