Unity Asset "SimpleRoulette 2D: Quick-Integrate Roulette for Unity" Guide

Introduction: Features of This Asset

SimpleRoulette 2D is a simple roulette asset that can be quickly integrated as a mini-game within your main game. The position where the wheel will stop is determined before the wheel starts spinning, and the rotation is controlled based on that result. The Logic class can be subclassed for customization, making it compatible with server-based selection mechanisms.

Use Cases

This asset is also utilized in our game Hungree Bunny.

Directory Structure

* Feelcerca Game Lib - Official Document

How to Run the Demo

You can check the roulette's functionality by opening and playing the 'Demo' scene file within 'Feelcerca/Roulette/Scenes/'.

How to Customize

This asset comes with prefabs and scripts that can be freely customized. Specifically, by editing the 'Wedges' scriptable object located in the Feelcerca/Roulette/Builtin/Master folder, you can freely change each item on the roulette wheel.

Important Classes in the Feelcerca.Roulette.Game Namespace

When integrating this as a mini-game into your game, refer to the Feelcerca.Roulette.Game.Manager class and utilize the aforementioned classes.

Methods Executed at Startup

The method Feelcerca.Roulette.System.Boot.RuntimeInit() is invoked during startup, thanks to the attribute [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod(RuntimeInitializeLoadType.BeforeSceneLoad)].

Inside this method, essential initialization tasks are performed, and the Global scene is additionally loaded. The Global scene will then be persistently kept alive by the Feelcerca.Roulette.System.DontDestroy class.

If this startup process doesn't fit your requirements, feel free to modify the script as necessary.

Online Demo

You can check out the demo on a web browser here.

Supported Platforms

This asset is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and WebGL.

Supported Unity Version

Unity 2021.3.30f1 or higher

About the License

All contents included in this asset are copyrighted by our company, Feelcerca Co., Ltd. Purchasers are free to use these elements in their own works. However, it is not permitted to sell them as a separate material collection or as another asset.

*Unity is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies.